In memory of eight children of the Jasharaj family that were under the age of 16 when massacred by Serbian forces, among 59 people killed on March 5,6,7, 1998, in Prekaz, Republic of Kosova. Among the perished, and never mentioned even as a number, was also an unborn baby killed in its mother’s womb.

May God’s peace be upon their beautiful souls!!!


Hymn of Eternity

Drop your flip-flops and follow me,
I’m writing the Hymn of Eternity!
Be my musical note that sounds so loud,
to reveal the cruelty of human kind!

Ju pëlqen!

Stop chasing fireflies upon the hills!
Cause vicious beasts landed here,
to cut your dreams, without a remorse,
to douse your youth, with a brutal force.

Drop your sledge and let it burn!
Cause the blood-fed snow is not a snow,
it’s not a call of childhood joy,
it’s a reflection of evilness of human soul!

You rather become a divine note in my Hymn,
as an unending comforting lullaby,
sung by angels for the eternity,
so shamelessly denied for you in its infancy.

And if you’ll give me your first breath that you never took,
that will become the musical note of the masterwork,
to put in shame the whole wide world,
that allowed this sorrow to occur.


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And for your slayers you’ll become,
the pounding sound of their doomed souls,
the deafening echo of their crimes,
to hold within them till the end of times.

© Iliriana Gashi, Hymn of Eternity

by Iliriana Gashi, presented by iKREART

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